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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on September 20, 2022 | Last Updated: September 30, 2022 Uncategorized

Make Your Home a Welcoming & Inviting Place with These Plants and Flowers

Whether you have a new neighbor or visiting house guest, one of the best ways to welcome them is with flowers that symbolize friendship, hospitality, and more. Fresh plants and vibrant flowers are a welcoming sight and, therefore, a great housewarming gift, but they are also steeped in rich symbolism that makes them even more meaningful. Here at Mancuso’s, we offer a wide variety of beautiful and symbolic plants that your guests or neighbors will love.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


A eucalyptus plant makes an excellent housewarming gift because it represents strength and protection. Eucalyptus plants are also a great gift to help with calmness as their aroma is known to provide balance and relaxation.


The vibrant purple shades of Lavender are a welcome and calming sight for all. These plants are a great housewarming gift for someone feeling overwhelmed because Lavender is known for representing serenity and tranquility.

Money Tree

Known for representing luck and good fortune, Money Trees are a great gift to wish someone prosperity. The Money Tree is also known for the peaceful feeling and positive energy it can bring to any room. This elegant plant makes a positive and inviting housewarming gift.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Trees’ symbolism of harmony, peace, and happiness can be seen in the calming practice of caring for these pieces of art. These welcoming plants are similar to Money Trees in that they also represent luck and are a great gift for both wishing someone good luck and providing a beautiful piece of art for the home.


These plants are a perfect housewarming for welcoming friends or neighbors into your home or community because of their symbolism and appearance. Anthurium leaves take the shape of a heart which symbolizes the acceptance of someone new into your community.


Did you know that because Tulips are a springtime flower, they symbolize rebirth? This symbolism makes Tulips an excellent gift for someone beginning a new chapter of their life in a new home. However, each color of tulip holds a unique meaning, so it is nice to pick one that you think applies best. Orange tulips symbolize warmth, while pink tulips represent non-romantic love and yellow tulips represent friendship, cheerfulness, and prosperity.


These energetic-looking blossoms are known for their symbolism of joy, optimism, and friendship. Like Tulips though, they offer deeper symbolism depending on their color. Green Chrysanthemums, for example, represent rebirth, health, and good fortune. Yellow Chrysanthemums are known for bringing happiness, celebration, and high spirits in honor of strong friendships.


Wisteria is a graceful vine covered in beautiful purple or blue blooms that are sure to dazzle. This enchanting vine is also known for its symbolism of welcome, making it an ideal plant for greeting visitors next to one’s front door. This symbolism also serves to make wisteria a great gift for neighbors you are welcoming into the community.

Flowers and plants are a universal sign of beauty and welcome. While you are preparing to welcome someone into your home or community, think about what flowers Mancuso’s offers a wide range of beautiful and symbolically important flowers to help you say what you want through the beauty and symbolism of blooms.