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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on September 6, 2023 Uncategorized

Botanical Magic: Exploring Flowers’ Spooky Energy

Life on earth doesn’t last forever, which is why we appreciate the wonderful times we experience while we’re here. It’s not unlike a beautiful arrangement of flowers, filled with color and beauty, though not meant to endure forever. Still, the joy blossoms bring into our lives is singular, as each has a special energy capable of stimulating our senses and giving us meaning. Some say that witches have always known about the magical powers of flowers and have used them to protect, enliven, and enrich themselves. At Mancuso’s Florist in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, we want to share our favorite potent blooms perfect for your mystical Halloween bouquets.

Roses Dispel Negative Energy

Of all of the flowers found around the world, roses are the most recognized and beloved. Their pleasing fragrance, unmistakable beauty, and powerful symbolism all play a part in their popularity. Roses also photograph well, adding to their universal appeal. While these versatile blooms have different meanings depending on the cultural context, some highlights are worth pointing out. For example, in Medieval times, people used roses to keep themselves safe and protect against malevolent forces. Just remember that roses may have gorgeous petals in a rainbow of colors, but their stems have sharp thorns. Be mindful of the slight danger that can come with their softness.

Marigolds Protect Us and Safeguard Our Health

Marigolds have a long history of being used for their medicinal properties, given their ability to heal various ailments and boost our energy levels. This practice has been happening around the world in a variety of cultures, all who take advantage of the protective energy that marigolds radiate, which dispels negativity. In addition to their healing abilities, marigolds carry strong symbolism related to the afterlife, as they serve as a link between the living and the dead, most strongly during the Halloween season. Marigolds are also connected to our sleep and dream cycle, acting as vessels of our innermost ambitions, desires, and hopes.

Orchids Sharpen Our Senses

Something magical about orchids compels us to take a closer look at their intricate patterns and colors. They have an energy that draws us in, encouraging us to look outside ourselves and ask the universe for answers to perplexing questions. Their power borders on the spiritual, strengthening our connections to what lies beyond our realm and helping us make sense of the world around us. Given how much they help us decode patterns in our lives, orchids seem to make our psychic abilities stronger. This totality makes orchids an excellent fit for a Halloween arrangement with mystical powers.

Snapdragons are Talismans That Keep Us Safe

Many of us are familiar with snapdragons because we played with them as children, attaching them to our earlobes like jewelry. In addition to their unique appearance and the shape of their petals, snapdragons have spiritual powers that repel negativity and can break curses. That’s one good reason to have these powerful flowers in your arrangements when Halloween rolls around yearly. Another is that snapdragons help to fortify the veil between the living and the beyond, which is essential when it is at its thinnest.

Lilies Keep Unwanted Attachments Away

At first glance, lilies are graceful flowers with a pleasant scent and sophisticated petals. However, given their deep symbolism and powerful spiritual strength, they are capable of much more than simply looking attractive. They can sense when an emotional entanglement is bad for us and help us find the right way to walk away from it. This way, they protect our boundaries and promote positive emotions, making us healthier in mind, body, and spirit. By eliminating the negativity that only harms us, lilies open us up to the happy and healthy relationships we should focus on, helping us reach our full potential.

At Mancuso’s Florist, we advocate that flowers can heal, empower, and protect us, especially when we might be especially vulnerable to mystical energies during spooky season. Dive into our fall flower arrangements to discover the Halloween blooms you’ll love this year.