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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Uncategorized

5 Lovely Flowers We’re Thankful For

Flowers are always in style at Mancuso’s Florist, serving St. Clair Shores and the surrounding areas. Our florists believe in the year-round appeal of flowers because they’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also because they have some truly amazing health benefits. Being around flowers can reduce your stress, improve your mood, and strengthen your memory. Flowers also lower blood pressure and accelerate recovery times for people who are sick, injured, or just out of surgery.

With so many great reasons to surround yourself and loved ones with flowers, there’s no reason to wait for the next holiday or special occasion. Why not order flowers today?

Popular Flowers in the U.S.

Most flowers gain popularity thanks to their exceptional beauty, wonderful fragrance, or important symbolic meaning. Flower popularity also depends on where and when you live. For example, lotus flowers and camellias are incredibly popular in East Asia, but rarely used in other parts of the world. There was also once a time when tulips were so prized and valuable that they could be used as currency. They also made up the majority of Holland’s economy. We still appreciate tulips today — especially at Easter and Mother’s Day — but you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s willing to pay thousands for a single tulip bulb.

While it’s hard for any florist to choose only five favorite flowers, we chose these top five thanks to their beauty and versatility in floral designs.

1. Roses

Three large open pink roses with greens in a vase

To My Sweetheart

Roses are a classic favorite flower. Their timelessly beautiful and bloom in so many shades that each hue has been assigned its own unique meaning. Red roses have become synonymous with romance, but did you know pink roses symbolize admiration, lavender roses are for love at first sight, and orange roses represent passion?

2. Irises

lavener and pink roses with lilies and green floral accents in cube vase

Mad About You

These lovely flowers feature interestingly shaped petals of combined or variegated colors. Like roses, the different colors of irises have different meanings. Purple irises represent wisdom, blue iris represents hope, white iris symbolize purity, and yellow irises are for passion.

3. Pincushion Protea

brown pincushion protea with red and yellow flowers and greens in vase

The City Slicker

The pincushion protea gets its name from its appearance and also for the son of Poseidon, Proteus. The flower represents change and transformation. We love how pincushion protea adds interesting texture and vibrant, fiery color to our floral designs.

4. Sunflowers

round glass vase with yellow sunflowers

A Sunflower’s Sunshine

Sunflowers represent dedication, admiration, and pure thoughts. We love them for their large, sunny-yellow blooms. They’re perfect in any autumn floral arrangement or an arrangement featuring bright, cheerful colors.

5. Lilies

yellow roses orange lilies red pincushion protea in rectangular glass vase

Branching Out

Lilies are a lovely complement to just about any floral arrangement. These fragrant blooms are available in a wide variety of hues, color combinations, and species. Depending on the color and type of lily, they have different symbolic meanings which range from purity and sweetness to passion and prosperity.

What Your Favorite Flowers Say About You

Flowers have their own unique meanings. Some also believe that a person’s favorite flower can reveal something about their personality. For example, lovers of lilacs are thought to enjoy nostalgia, while tulip fans value their families above everything else. Lily lovers are dignified and compassionate. They’re also said to have a calming effect on others. If you love daisies, you might have an optimistic and adventurous spirit. Iris lovers enjoy new experiences and have wild imaginations.

Ordering Flowers for Someone Is a Breeze

When ordering flowers for someone else, it’s important to think about your relationship, the occasion, and what you want your floral gift to say. We recommend saving red roses for romantic occasions only. It’s also a good idea to reserve all-white arrangements for somber events, as they tend to represent sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what to choose, we recommend bouquets of mixed flowers with a variety of colors. You can never go wrong with an attractive arrangement of mixed flowers!

Mancuso’s Florist makes order flowers easy! You can have flowers sent to just about any location, using our online ordering feature. Plus, we always welcome customers to visit our floral shop for personalized assistance and recommendations.