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Perfect Presents for Father Figures That Don’t Look Last Minute

Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten Father’s Day was happening until the very last minute. Guilty! But don’t stress; we’re ready for even the most chronic procrastinator! Whether you’re on the hunt for an authentically good gift for your dad (honorary totally counts), your grandpa, your stepdad, or that uncle who tells the best (or worst) dad jokes, we understand the assignment. Trust that we’ve done this a million times at Mancuso’s Florist, the best flower spot in St. Clair Shores, Michigan; solving the puzzle when you’re in a pinch is what we’re all about! We won’t even be surprised when he likes your Father’s Day present best of all.

Outdoorsy Dad: A Touch of Nature

For the outdoorsy father figure who loves nothing more than soaking up nature’s beauty, giving him a living plant on Father’s Day is a total no-brainer! It will bring a small piece of where he lives his best life — outside in the natural world — indoors, where he can soak in the chill vibes of greenery all day long. Plus, it’s a thoughtful addition to his workspace, helping to create a more zen environment for max productivity.

Baseball Dad: Team Spirit in Bloom

Celebrate your baseball-mad dad with a bouquet as dynamic and full of life as the most enthusiastic stadium crowd. Making statement flowers in his team’s colors the star of the show? That’s a championship move. It’s a smart and heartfelt way to channel his vibe in the bouquet, ensuring his day is as vibrant as his team spirit. And for that trophy-winning touch, include a pair of tickets to the next home game, a home run!

Pet Dad: Celebrate the Furry Family Member

A round of applause for the pet fathers who go all out for their fur bbs on Father’s Day! Not having human children doesn’t dull their parental love. Surprise these sweet cat and dog dads with a gift they’ll high-key treasure, like a pet portrait that highlights their four-legged friend’s awesomeness. Or explore our gift shop for a real treat, such as gourmet snacks or luxurious candles. Who said cats and dogs don’t love bougie things?

Motorcycle Dad: An Adventure Off the Beaten Path

The motorcycle dad freely admits he’s a little bit chaotic, but he’s just his best self on the open road. Treat him to a DIY flower design course for a new experience that will totally let him vibe with the beauty of nature — almost like a motorcycle ride! It’s also an awesome chance for the two of you to spend some QT together and laugh at his dad jokes (or cringe, LOL). We’re so here for it!

Coffee Dad: The Ultimate Brew Basket

When your dad is all about the bougie coffee life, where each cup must start with freshly ground beans and end with the squeeze of a French press (and let’s be real, we respect the commitment), there’s no better gift than a basket packed with the newest artisanal coffee discoveries. It’s a bit on the extra side, TBH, but it’s a way of saying, “I know this is your jam, and I love that for you.”

Procrastinators, rejoice! Mancuso’s Florist has you covered this Father’s Day with gifts that defy the deadline. Just give us a clue about your dad’s vibe and we’ll ensure your gift is as timely as it is well-received.

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