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Bright and Colorful Gifts for Your Best Friends

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic declarations of love! It’s also a day to share all types of love with all the different types of people in our lives. From the friends that are always there for you to the people we admire and our trusty neighbors to those that make sure we’re taken care of on the regular, there are so many reasons to have a love for others. As children, we’d write out cute little paper valentines to each and every one of our school friends to pass out with so much excitement and sometimes with a piece of candy. However, as we get older, that tradition has transformed, with Valentine’s Day becoming less about friendship and more about the romance we see the holiday centered around. Here at Mancuso’s Florist, the top flower shop in St. Clair Shores, MI, is ready to bring back honoring ALL the people we love, our besties, neighbors, and even co-workers this Valentine’s Day. To bring joy to everyone’s day and extend heartfelt sentiments, check out the ideal Valentine’s Day gift guide for all your loves below.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Reserving red roses for your romantic love makes complete sense, but what type of flowers would you send to your very best friend? From our experience, you truly cannot go wrong with yellow blooms sent to your BFF to symbolize the friendship and joy they bring to your life. Yellow blooms in the form of roses, sunflowers, alstroemeria, orchids, and hydrangeas are sure to make your best bud’s day extra bright.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it seems like a miss to not consider recognizing the elegant, strong, serene, peaceful, graceful, feminine, and admirable women in your life! In fact, each of these adjectives has a wonderous blossom to symbolize it. So this Galentine’s Day, be sure to celebrate the bonds and love you have for your dearest group of gals (or even the love of your life) with a bouquet of purple, pink, blue, and green flowers to make sure they know just how much they mean to you.

Gift Ideas for Men

We will always be a fan of surprising men with flowers, and there’s no better opportunity to do so than on Valentine’s Day! In today’s world, a modern man is sure to adore and be delighted by a dramatic, bold, and hardy collection of blooms. Your main man will go ga ga over stems of carnations, sunflowers, iris, gerbera daisies, and orchids.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Did you share in the joy of one of your special people finding the love of their life this year? Continue that celebration into Valentine’s Day by recognizing love with a radiant bouquet of blooms delivered to them. Set the tone for their celebration with a display of roses, lilies, or carnations that are sure to enhance any romantic day plans. And, of course, don’t forget to finish your Cupid-approved gift with a perfect pairing to your floral treat.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Nothing will beat a good neighbor, and it’s a piece of the puzzle that definitely should not be overlooked. Especially on a day when you are taking the time to love on the special people in your lives, you’ll want to show gratitude to the quality neighbors that always seem to be there for us when you need them. This Valentine’s Day, remind the prized neighbor next door or down the street how much you value them with an array of peach-hued flowers, like gladiolus, roses, tulips, or alstroemeria, to signify their sweetness and immense gratitude you have for them.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to add excitement and joy to your office with your favorite co-workers in mind. Delivering a bright bouquet of orange stems will help share the passion and enthusiasm you all share for work, life, and success. Or, consider a fresh plant to enhance productivity as a brilliant and thoughtful way to liven up and spread the love at your workplace. After all, you do spend a significant amount of time with your office mates, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate that bond.

No matter the reason, a charming floral bouquet can serve as the go-to gift for anyone you want to celebrate and acknowledge, with Valentine’s Day being no exception. Whether you choose an over-the-top design or a charming and traditional arrangement, be sure to personalize your delivery with a note and the best symbolic blooms to share exactly how you feel. Share the sentiment of love, no matter the type, this year with sensational stems from Mancuso’s Florist in St. Clair Shores, MI.