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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on July 10, 2020 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 Uncategorized

Your Guide to Creating a Backyard Paradise

Why spend the time and sky-high costs of staying at a fancy tropical resort for a few days when you could spend every day in one? It’s easy to create the look and feel of a tropical paradise right in your own backyard by following the guide Mancuso’s Florist has put together for you below. With just a little time, cost, and effort and you’ll soon be on your way to relaxing and unwinding in your very own slice of tropical paradise.

Transform Your Backyard into an Idyllic Retreat

Tropical Plants

Start with Plants – Lots of Them!

A key component to capturing the feel of a lush and luxurious resort is to surround yourself with lots of greenery. Plant trees, shrubs, bushes, and foliage of all shapes, sizes, and variations of green for depth, dimension, and a “jungle-like” feel. Choose plants with large leaves for an exotic look and tall trees to provide shade. Layer plants from tall to small for visual appeal as well as to hide unsightly streets or neighboring houses. For touches of color, include plants with colorful leaves such as bromeliads, crotons, and the Hawaiian Ti plant.

Colorful Flowers

Add Fragrant and Exotic Flowers

Brightly-colored flowers instantly add charm and excitement to any lush landscape. Exotic flowers take it one step further in transporting you to luxe resort. Choose exotic flowers such as orchids, Birds of Paradise, and Hibiscus for drama and intrigue. You can also have a lovely container garden of colorful flowers that you can arrange in groups or place anywhere you desire a pop of color.

Water Feature

Incorporate a Water Feature

There’s something about the sound of water that promotes a feeling of bliss and tranquility. If you already live near a lake or stream, you’re in luck. If not, you could go big with a swimming pool, or small with a wading pool or pond. Other ideas are home-made waterfall structures, birdbaths, or small fountains.

Stone Wall

Include Natural Stone

Stone accents like a low wall, stepping stones, or stone pathways are easy and inexpensive ways to add some rustic charm to your tropical oasis. Cover them with vines or foliage to soften any harsh edges for a comforting and pastoral look.

Backyard Seating

Provide Comfort

Now that you’ve created a wonderful and relaxing slice of paradise in your backyard, make sure you have comfortable seating for enjoying it. Choose chairs with lots of cushiony support made with quality and durable fabric. Adding a hammock is a nice touch, too. If you’re in a particularly hot climate, a ceiling fan for keeping things cool might be a good idea as well.

With such a relaxing, lush, and tranquil backyard, why go anywhere for vacation? Now you have a great place to unwind and entertain friends… and it’s all right outside your back door.