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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on November 5, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Host or Hostess This Thanksgiving

November’s the time of year to spend quality time with your loved ones and to think about all things for which you’re most grateful. If you’ve been invited to someone else’s home for a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast, don’t forget to show your gratitude for their hospitality with a host or hostess gift. At Mancuso’s Florist, serving St. Clair Shores and the surrounding area, our florists got together and compiled a list of some wonderful and creative gifts for hosts and hostesses on Thanksgiving Day.

Great Hostess Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving Celebrations

Bringing a hostess gift with you to Thanksgiving dinner is good manners. It’s the perfect way to thank your host for their hospitality and shows your sincere appreciation. You should bring a hostess gift even if you’re invited to a potluck style meal and will also be bringing a dish or two. It still takes a lot of work to plan dinner and prepare one’s house for guests. Giving your host a gift will show that you understand and appreciate the effort.

1. Friendsgiving

purple lit candle

Scented Candle

Friendsgiving is a lot like Thanksgiving, but it’s just for friends. It’s a chance to get together with your buddies and celebrate your friendship and everything else that’s good in your lives. Friendsgiving is usually scheduled for a day when everyone’s available, like the Wednesday before or the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. When you’re choosing a gift for your Friendsgiving host, remember that fun is always on the table!

  1. A game that everyone can play after dinner
  2. Party poppers for extra festivity
  3. An elegant floral centerpiece because you’re all worth it and sitting at the grown-ups table
  4. A pair of fuzzy socks, like a warm hug for your host’s feet
  5. A set of funny refrigerator magnets to make your friend smile
  6. A set of decorative towels featuring turkeys or pumpkins
  7. A candle that smells like all the best parts of the holidays

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

sunflowrs peach roses and greenery centerpiece

Mayflower Centerpiece

Whether you’ve known your in-laws for ages or will be meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important not to arrive empty-handed. Show your sincere gratitude for their hospitality and willingness to include you in their holiday traditions with a tastefully selected hostess gift.

  1. Create a warm atmosphere with a stunning candlelit floral centerpiece
  2. A pretty box of gourmet chocolates
  3. Whiskey stones and a special bottle of spirits
  4. A decent bottle of wine and accessories like an aerator, opener, or wine charms
  5. A stylish cheese board with cheese markers and knives
  6. A sampler set of sea salts
  7. High-quality serving utensils (they’re always in demand during Thanksgiving dinner)

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family

Lux Soap

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at your parents’ or grandparents’ home this year, show them how well they raised you by bringing a hostess gift. Choose an item they’ll love or something that will brighten everyone’s holiday.

  1. Sparkling cider so everyone can sip a fancy drink
  2. Fancy hand soap so no one catches your nephew’s cold
  3. A set of holiday cookie cutters
  4. An activity for the kids, like a game or not-too-messy craft project
  5. Festive oven mitts or trivets
  6. New toys to occupy the household pets
  7. Decorative coasters to protect all of your mother’s precious wooden surfaces

When in Doubt, Spring for Flowers (Even if It’s Fall)

If you’re still not sure what gift would be best, you truly can’t go wrong with flowers. We simply recommend avoiding freshly cut and wrapped bouquets, as they still need to be trimmed, arranged, and put into water. Your host likely won’t have enough time to do all this before dinner. Instead, look for flowers that have are already arranged into a seasonal bouquet or centerpiece with an attractive vase.

We welcome you to stop by Mancuso’s Florist floral shop for personalized recommendations and further assistance selecting a floral arrangement or centerpiece for your host or hostess. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving season!