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Posted by Mancuso's Florist on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Choose Intriguing Chrysanthemums For Fall Decor

Showcasing beautiful fall flowers like chrysanthemums is just one great way to decorate your home or office for fall each year. The beauty of deep, bold colors coupled with the intriguing texture and many varieties of these blooms means you can always create a unique floral design all your own. Whether you’re adding other fall touches like pumpkins, fall leaves and harvest baskets, or simply bringing seasonal flowers into your home, choose to welcome fall with beautiful mums in your Detroit decor. Take a look at some of our favorite mums at Mancuso’s Florist and let our experts help you choose the perfect variety, style and color for your fall decorating scheme.

Daisy Chrysanthemum

Daisy Mums

Some of the most popular chrysanthemums are daisy mums, a small flower with a flat central disk and symmetrical petals surrounding it. Usually the disk is seen as green, brown or yellow, but the petals can be found in any number of beautiful colors. Small, cheerful and bright, these blooms make a great addition to any fall bouquet. Sometimes, they comprise the entire bouquet, like in our gorgeous Fall For Daisies design!

Red Rover Mum

Red Rover Mums

Red rover mums present a fascinating design, with yellow centers that melt into deep red petals. Similar in shape to daisy mums, these chrysanthemums have larger blooms for a more showy design. In our Festive Fall Cube, they accent the gorgeous fall blend beautifully and add fresh pops of deep color.

Thistle Chrysanthemum

Thistle Mums

Thistle mums, also known as brush mums, are so light and fluffy, with super-thin petals growing in every direction, they often resemble a paintbrush. Delicate and airy, this variety of chrysanthemum creates a rich texture in any floral design. Their intriguing colors can also bring a contrast to the rest of the fall design, like in our Autumn Cornucopia.

Decorating With Mums

Adding hardy mums to your fall decorations is inexpensive and easy to do. One interesting way to make sure your mums command attention is to create a monochromatic display. Choosing different varieties of mums in shade of one color will complement your home color scheme and provide contrasting textures in your décor. Chrysanthemums can showcase lovely floral displays for a dining room table or coffee table. For a porch or outdoor space, place mums in a colorful container and add boost the décor of a porch, deck or other outdoor space.

However you choose to decorate for fall, be sure to include chrysanthemums in the scene. The beauty, color and unique varieties will lend a cheerful elegance to any decor and bring fall color into the spotlight in your home or office. For more great fall decorating ideas, talk to the floral designers at Mancuso’s Florist. We’ll show you our favorite chrysanthemum blooms and help you choose the right ones for your fall celebrations.